Photos de Fleurs | Flower Photos | Helmut Maier

When I travelled for several years in England, France, Germany and Switzerland, it was with the intention of capturing the energies of the Bach flowers on a visual level and making them available to all through the photographs.

On the many paths through nature, however, quite a few other flowers and also seeds attracted my attention - feeling drawn to them, I could not resist photographing them. Apart from the seeds, most of the flowers presented here are also available as essences with specific subtle effects on the human energy system and our development of consciousness.

The flowers of our Earth ultimately reflect the infinite facets of human experiences and of experiencing spiritual realms  that go far beyond the subtle healing of the causes of disease, which was Dr Edward Bach's original intention in the 1930s.

We can see flowers as open doors for self-knowledge and use them as bridges to access our innermost core being.

Whether we want to increase our creativity, seek inner peace in meditation, strive for better sexuality or more intense relationships: Meditation with flowers, no matter which ones attract us, leads us away from the fixations of the outer world, towards the essence of our inner nature.

We can also perceive them as gifts from the outer nature to bring us closer to our own innermost nature - as mirrors that we can use for the process of lifelong self-awakening.

Or we can simply enjoy their presence and luminous radiance by providing our rooms with these symbols of Nature's Beauty and enjoy them.

Play and have fun with the Flower & Seed photos as healing mediators between the visible and the invisible, the outer and the inner.

  • Lotus (39)
  • Lime (40)
  • Bleeding Heart (41)
  • Lily Calla (42)
  • Sunflower (43)
  • Dandelion (44)
  • Sunflower Seeds (45)
  • Dandelion Seed (46)
  • Clematis Seed (47)
  • Laurel Seed (48)
  • Hazel (49)
  • Box (50)
  • Goldenrod (51)
  • St. John's Wort (52)
  • Calendula (53)
  • Nastartium (54)
  • Fire Lily (55)
  • Wild Columbine (56)
  • Borage (57)
  • Corn Flower (58)
  • Harebell (59)

Contemplate them, immerse yourself in their physical form, bring them before your inner eye and see and feel where they lead you....