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1. Order

We are happy about every order - there is no minimum order value. You can order via the order forms or the contact form on this website, as well as by e-mail or by phone on 0049 33 22 - 27 98 520. The simpler and more direct, the better. - Your order will always be confirmed by the receipt of the invoice by e-mail - please wait!

2. Shipping costs

The shipping costs depend on the size and weight of the flower photos and their sets - for detailed information see the link Prices & Shipping Europe and Prices & Shipping CH. The offers marked with * include shipping.

3. Payment methods and charges

Possible methods of payment are
- Prepayment
- Bank Transfer
- Direct Debit
- PayPal in exceptional casesl.

Approximately 90% of our customers pay by direct debit, which we ourselves prefer as the simplest method of payment that does not involve additional work for either party. All three of payment are free of charge for all parties involved. However, if the direct debit account is not covered, the customer has to pay the bank charges - usually 5,50€. We trust in account coverage, honest intentions and cooperation.

For new customers who choose Prepayment, we wait for the receipt of the bank transfer for the first order - which nowadays often happens within a few hours or one or two days.

After submitting your order, please ALWAYS wait for our invoice by e-mail for prepayment or payment by bank transfer.
Attention: Also check your spam folder, some first-time emails with attachments end up directly there instead of in your inbox.

If Direct Debit is selected, we will only send the direct debit order to the bank when the goods leave our premises - the delivery date is stated on the invoice.

PayPal may be easy and convenient and free for customers: But the fees are charged to the merchant every time, causing us unnecessary costs that we don't want to add to the product prices.
If you want to pay by PayPal on request, you have to pay the associated PayPal fees yourself, which are added to the invoice amount. The following fees apply according to the invoice amount:

GERMANY and EUROPE: Invoice amount up to 20€ - 0,75€, up to 30€ - 0,95€, up to 40€ - 1,15€, up to 50€ - 1,30€, up to 60€ - 1,50€, up to 70€ - 1,70€, up to 80€ - 1,90€, up to 90€ - 2,10€, up to 100€ - 2,25€, up to 150€ - 3,20€, up to 200€ - 4,15€, up to 250€ - 5,10€, up to 300€ - 6,05€.
SWITZERLAND and WORLD: up to 20€ - 1,15€, up to 30€ - 1,55€, up to 40€ - 1,95€, up to 50€ - 2,30€, up to 60€ - 2,70€, up to 70€ - 3,10€, up to 80€ - 3,50€, up to 90€ - 3,90€, up to 100€ - 4,25€, up to 150€ - 6,20€, up to 200€ - 8,15€, up to 250€ - 10,10€, up to 300€ - 12,05€.
On the invoice you will find our PayPal address for payment.

4. Delivery & delivery times 

In the twinkling of an eye we process your order and send it as letter, merchandise mail or parcel with Deutsche Post or DHL. All orders received by 2.30 p.m. - subject to availability of the respective Bach flower photos - will be dispatched on the same day.
You can find more detailed information under the link Prices & Shipping DE + EU and Prices & Shipping CH.

Unless otherwise stated, we will only deliver complete orders if this is possible within 10 days of receipt of the order. You will receive an e-mail message if not all ordered goods are in stock. If a direct partial delivery is expressly requested, the additional shipping costs will be borne by the orderer.

5. Return policy & revocation

The statutory provisions shall apply. Every customer can revoke his or her contractual declaration within two weeks without stating reasons in writing (letter, fax, email) or by returning the goods (postage paid!).
More detailed information can be found under the link General Terms and Conditions and Revocation.

6. Complaints

Complaints regarding the scope of delivery, material defects, incorrect deliveries and deviations in quantity must be made in writing by email, fax or letter without delay, but no later than one week after receipt of the goods. For further details, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions. - Everything can be solved in an uncomplicated way - preferably in direct contact by phone or by e-mail !

7. Nature helps us - we help nature and people

Since 07.04.2019, we have entered into a partnership with Eden Reforestation - a non-profit organisation dedicated to restoring primeval forests on our earth under the motto Plant Trees. Save Lives. Their work is dedicated to the restoration of the world's forests which involves directly economically disadvantaged people on site that are employed and helped to change their life. Eden Reforestation is very successful and effective in planting millions of new trees every year and providing secure jobs for the local population.With ervery sold flower product we contribute with a tree to this wonderful work.

Results to date: 633 million trees in 8 countries with 235 project sites and 6.3 million working days - as of 01.08.2021.