Photos de Fleurs | Flower Photos | Helmut Maier

My adventure with the Bach flowers was initiated in 1989: After completing my studies in Empirical Cultural Studies, Rhetoric and Spanish, I felt somewhat demoralised and discouraged, not quite knowing what further path in life I should choose.

Visiting a friend far away a female doctor gave me a Bach flower mixture with Scleranthus and Gentian. I took twice a few drops and waking up the next morning I felt a clear vision and perspective: I decided to work as a photo journalist for our daily newspaper.

The sudden clarity and decisiveness from one day to the next fascinated and motivated me to explore the world of the Bach flowers and of flower energies. While I spent the next five years photographing all areas of life for the newspaper, I learned in parallel about the harmonising and transforming effect of flower essences and their deeper meaning.

Over time, the idea matured to capture the energy of the flowers visually - that is normally transferred to the essences via the sun method or the boiling method - and make it usable through the pictures. So I started to photograph the Bach flowers, quit my newspaper job in 1994, moved to the South of France for 3 years and during this time - now fully turned into a flower photographer - travelled through France, England, Germany and Switzerland to photograph the energies of the 37 flowers and of Rock Water.

In 1997, during the International Flower Essences Congress in Findhorn, Scotland, I was able to present the completed Bach Flower Photo Set and so the photos found their first ways into the world.

The next ten years were marked by giving many seminars in Germany, France and Belgium, which offered the new possibility to experience the effect of the flower energies directly through the contemplation of the flower posters. And also to get to know the intuitive and therapeutic work with the BACH flower photos that can be applied and integrated in any therapeutic practice or used privately.
(To prevent unnecessary enquiries: we are NOT holding any Bach flower seminars at present or in the foreseeable future).

In 2003 I completed my training as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy (Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie) in order to work together with my wife, the non-medical practitioner (Heilpraktikerin) and homeopath Rita Maier, in our joint practice. (More about our diverse work at the german website

Flowers are an invitation to feel the beauty of life in the here and now and to find our way back to feeling the beauty and love of our Soul. We are not separate, but part of nature. Nature is beauty and harmony, cooperation and love are at work in it. Its beauty reflects the beauty and light of our innermost nature.

Flower energies act like enlightening impulses to which we can open ourselves

  • to dissolve what our conditioning has brought forth as fear, defence, negative emotions and destructive behaviour
  • to open and deepen the access to our luminous side that has been darkened
  • to wake up to ourSELVES and to find within ourselves why we have come to earth in this grandiose time of epochal change
  • to decide on our real purpose in life and to bring forth a New Earth together.

I am deeply grateful that the flowers have led me on this path and that the intuitively guided work with the flower photos and essences contributes to our healing and self-renewal on earth.

Helmut Maier
1.Oktober 2021