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Yearly flower

The yearly flower in 20x30cm format - intuitively selected from the Bach Flowers from heart to heart - is for all those

  • who want to make themselves or others a beautiful present that radiates harmony
  • who would like to be accompanied thematically and energetically by a flower over the course of a year
  • who want to engage in a deeper transformation process with a flower, to give rise to the qualities of that flower in themselves
  • who would like to receive an orientation for their own development process or to get a greater context for the monthly flowers in the form of an overarching theme
  • who feel the desire to deepen the inner connection to the flower forces and their inner space allowing deeper healing

Ideal as a gift

► at the beginning of the year, for a birthday, for a wedding anniversary, for a birth ...
► when moving house, starting a new job, beginning a new project, embarking on a new relationship ...
► on a personally important date or for a specific and desired time ...

The yearly flower photo in 20x30cm format will be sent by MAIL.

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