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Price List EU (except CH) - Flower Photos, effective from 01.08.2021


Bach Flowers No.1-38
Flowers & Seeds No.39-59

10x15cm 3,60€
20x30cm 12,00€
30x45cm 24,00€
40x60cm 36,00€
50x75cm 48,00€
5,9x8,3cm LAMINATED
10x15cm LAMINATED 5,40€
20x30cm LAMINATED 18,00€

with all 38 Bach Flowers at a glance

20x30cm 12,00€
30x45cm 24,00€
40x60cm 36,00€
50x75cm 48,00€
120x80cm - horizontal 90,00€
Photo SETS

Bach Flowers with 38 photos and flower descriptions

10x15cm 69,00€
20x30cm 198,00€
5,9 x 8,3cm - LAMINATED 90,00€
10x15cm - LAMINATED 99,00€
20x30cm - LAMINATED 270,00€
Photo SETS

Flowers & Seeds - 21 photos
with flower descriptions

10x15cm 36,00€
20x30cm 108,00€
5,9 x 8,3cm - LAMINATED 45,00€
10x15cm - LAMINATED 54,00€
20x30cm - LAMINATED 153,00€

Bach Flower Offers PHOTO SETS + Monthly Flower Subscr.

Free Trial Monthly Flower 0,00€
Bach Flower Photo SET 10x15cm + Monthly Flower subscription by email (18% saved) 99,00€
instead of 121,95€
Bach Flower Photo SET 10x15cm LAMINATED + Monthly Flower subscription by email (19% saved) 123,00€
instead of
Bach Flower MONTHLY FLOWERS & Annual Subscriptions
Free Trial Monthly Flower * incl. shipping 0,00€
Single Monthly Flower * incl. shipping 6,00€
Monthly Flower Subscription, 1 year, by Mail * incl. 72,00€
Subscription, 1 year for family member, Mail * 36,00€
Monthly Flower Subscription, 1 year, by E-mail 48,00€
Subscription 1 year for family member, E-mail 24,00€

Shipping Costs Germany & EU (except CH) - depending on size + weight

Photos Germany Europe
Photos+ Poster 1,20€ / 1,80€ / 4,95€ 1,70€ / 3,70€ / 11,00€
Photo Sets 4,95€ / 6,20€ 7,20€ /11,00€/ 14,90€

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Availability Photos:
Generally all 38 BACH Flower Photos and the 21 Flower & Seed Photos in the formats 5.9×8.3cm, 10x15cm and 20×30 cm as well as their SETS in the formats 5.9×8.3cm and 10x15cm are in stock and available for immediate delivery.
The delivery times for the poster formats 30x45cm, 40x60cm and 50x75cm can - if not in stock - be 5 to 10 days (for Europe 7-14 days).
Delivery Shipment will be made with Deutsche Post as letter or with DHL as merchandise mail or insured parcel.
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