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Revival Remedy - a combination of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose & Star of Bethlehem - was originally developed by Dr Bach for use in situations requiring 'emergency rescue'. This combination of flowers acts as a very quick emotional stabiliser in situations where fear, panic, traumatic experiences throw us off balance or other severe disturbances such as a serious accident or unexpected loss occur.

Revival Remedy is also a very effective support for less traumatic but still challenging life events such as exams, driving tests, visits to the dentist, public speaking etc., or for debilitating everyday situations where we are in relationship conflicts or exposed to disturbing things.

Revival Remedy is not a substitute for medical help, which should always be called in emergency situations !!!

Rather, it helps on an energetic level to release the accumulated stress and the defence mode in the form of "fight, flight or freeze". We find back to our inner centre, calmness and composure more quickly and regain more distance, clarity, presence and readiness to act.

This releases the effects of situations experienced as threatening, allowing the body's own self-healing processes to take hold again and work more quickly.

Revival Remedy is also available as an oral spray and cream.

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