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As a harmonious counterpart to the energies of the flower photographs, I have encountered the high vibrational essences and people of Crystal Herbs on my travels in England.

Their Bach Flower Essences are created

  • with much love and care in conscious connection with the plant beings
  • according to the original instructions of Dr. Edward Bach.

Everything is consciously done by hand without the use of machines: from the production of the mother essence, to the filling and labelling of the bottles, to the shipping, in order to offer the best possible essence quality.

For decades, this special quality and effectiveness has proven itself, which you can use for acute conditions and deeper processes of change - for more balance and harmony in your existence.

High vibrational
Bach flower essences

Essences 10ml + 25ml
Revival Remedy - Essences & Cream
Essence Sets 10ml + 25ml