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11 Flower Essences from these photos

Specific qualities and directions of action

Lotus: Opening of the crown chakra, inner gathering, peace, serenity, harmonisation on all levels.

Lime: Connecting heaven and earth, opening the heart to the love and light of the core of one's being, bringing harmony as a creative designer, unity consciousness.

Bleeding Heart: Letting go of heartache, pain after separations, experiences of the "broken heart“; finding love and harmony again through letting go.

Lily Calla: Restoring self-esteem after experiences of violence and abuse, clarifying sexual identity, yin-yang harmonisation.

Sunflower: Strengthen the masculine, overcome father/authority conflicts, fortify male self-confidence and assertiveness.

Dandelion: Release of emotional, mental, physical tensions and struggles, allowing more lightness on all levels.

Goldenrod: Honest self-expression toward the outside world, new social behaviour in the spirit of solidarity through listening and real presence.

St. John's Wort: Courage, self-confidence, fearlessness in the face of the unknown or the future.

Calendula: Expressing needs clearly & sensitively; allowing sensuality; developing better speaking, hearing, understanding.

Borage: Confidence and strength, relief from grief and loss, growing from grief, finding new joy.

Harebell: Letting go of poverty consciousness, fear & lack, connecting with universal love and abundance.